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Cynthia Goodridge:  Guest Speaker

Owner of  House Call Cat Grooming  and   Cynthia's Family Childcare

Cynthia shared her experience building 2 businesses over the last 20 years and how the Web Marketing course helped her.      (explore below)

"The Web Marketing course helped me get over my fear of promoting my businesses online.  I initially didn't like Facebook, and I didn't like publicizing myself online.  But the course helped me get over that fear, practice making posts and trying things out, and getting comfortable with my voice.  It also helped me with my public speaking skills, since we were asked to give a 30-second pitch for our business at each class meeting.  That helped me a lot."

- Cynthia Goodridge, owner

   House Call Cat Grooming

   Cynthia's Family Childcare

Her Facebook page has become one of her most effective tool for a) attracting new customers and b) engaging current customers, and c) providing customers with additional resources and info.

She posts on her site regularly, about once every 3-4 days:

  • tips on cat health (i.e. how to give them medicine, how to diagnose problems, etc)

  • alerts about lost cats

  • tips on cat behavior and how to understand your cat

  • and, of course, fun and funny cat videos!!

She takes photos of her clients' pets whenever she works with them, and posts them on her facebook page.  This does a few things for her business:

  • shows her current clients that she is proud to work with their pets

  • clients get to see their pet celebrated

  • demonstrates her business's ongoing work and its accomplishments

  • provides potential clients with clear examples of her work, the variety of cats she has worked with, and the results she achieves.

  • the amount of photos demonstrates Cynthia's devotion to her work, longevity of her work, and that it is ongoing.

And, of course, I know you want to see some of

her favorite fun and funny cat videos!

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