Nov 19, 2017

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Update your content regularly so there’s always something new. Share anything - stories, ideas, pictures & more. It’s a great way to hook your forum members and keep them coming back.

One easy way to freshen up your content is by contributing new posts and comments to one of your existing discussions. This will keep the conversation going for longer and your existing members engaged in discussions which they’re already passionate about. Another way to add fresh content is to add additional discussion categories to your forum through time so there’s always something new for your community members to discuss.  

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  • davefollmer
    Feb 17, 2018

    Hi, I would like to say that I'm not really familiar with how these topics work so I don't know if this is the right place to ask this, but I can think of no other options.  I have played ARK on Xbox ever since it was released on Dec 15, I even love the game so much I bought the collectors edition. But whenever I play on my own single player world I use the Xbox app and the SA companion app to help me with cheats, for testing purposes, It's a great equalizer to the PC version of inputting cheat commands. But as of yesterday, I cant use the Xbox app any more to copy any text whether it be In ARK or just in the store search.  I get that it is cheating but I have seen sever admins abuse this way too much, and NEVER use it on anything but single player ? Please help. Thanks! I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References: https://survivetheark.com89781-why-cant-i-copy-and-paste-into-ark/ Oil and Gas Solution Video
  • davefollmer
    11 hours ago

    Hi, I made the wind turbine to test it and meet the green requirement of life. Wind turbines turn off when not enough wind is available, this makes sense. I play on the Island so no real info on what wind % and wiki states always on for the Island. However it turns off from time to time. Solving this i connected to the same circuit a gas fumed generator with the Unpowered-auto-activation enabled. Thinking that it turns on when no when no green power is available. And so it did nice! NOT. After the shortage the generator continue to be on always on totally negating the wind turbine. The only use I can find is for lights but not for kibble Refrigerators. Also it seams that I can connect unlimited devices to the same gas usage, not fully tested this since it is on Official server? Please help. Thanks! I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References: https://survivetheopic/290492-wind-turbine-no-auto-deactivation/ Oil and Gas Solution Video
  • Admin
    Nov 19, 2017

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