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Our 8-week course for small business owners you to learn the basics of how to advertise and market your business, services and/or products on the web (websites, social media, and/or email). The course is designed to help you, by the end of the 8 weeks, make progress in getting more customers, reaching a bigger audience, and/or engaging your current customers more frequently or more effectively.

It's not an overview, and it's not a step-by-step typical class.

It is 8 weeks of developing the marketing system that works best for your business:

Week 1: Define your needs, market, potential market, and objectives in marketing your business.

Week 2: Review the various tools and platforms that are available, what their costs are, what level of expertise they require, how easy/efficient they are to use, which ones are more appropriate for which kinds of businesses.

Week 3: Select the best tool (website, social media, email) and best platform (type of website platform (Wix, Wordpress, etc), a specific social media platform (facebook, twitter, etc), or specific email marketing platform (Mailchimp, Constant Contact, etc)

Week 4: Map out a plan (timeline and task list) for achieving and maintaining your marketing objectives/goals.

Week 5: Begin working on your marketing plan (learning how to use your chosen platform and how to reach your audience).

In the class environment, you are surrounded by people who are ready to help you: the instructors, and your fellow classmates. It's a place where there are no distractions (kids, significant others, co-workers, etc) except the tip-tap of others working on their own marketing and some talking here and there between classmates helping each other find the answers to their questions about their marketing goals.

Week 6: Continue working on your marketing.

Week 7: Continue working on your marketing.

Week 8: Last opportunity to work on your marketing in the class environment.

We also share our progress with each other: what we've each achieved in our 8 weeks in the class, and what we've each learned.

You will walk away with: a deeper understanding of how to achieve your goals, new colleagues who are in the same position as you and who can continue to be in touch and share info and ideas and help, and a new awareness of various resources and tools that are out there to help you market your business (and how to use them).

To sign up for a class, go to the Enroll in Our Course page here on the website, and fill out an interest form. You'll receive an email from me within a week with more info on the course.

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