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Know Your Customers



Market Segmentation/ Picking Target Markets

Visualize Your Target Market

Guide to Segmenting a Market

Beginner’s guide with examples!


Generational Differences

This article is mostly about understanding millennials in the workplace, but it has some insights about attitudes that I think carry over into thinking about them as customers/clients. It also has brief overviews/summations about the other generations as well.


This article is about how to make a website millennial-friendly.


*Note* This company, Stratus Interactive, has lots of really interesting blog posts and some helpful articles if you click the "learn" button on the top bar.


This chart covers a lot of information about all of the generations, but I think needs to be read with a spoonful of sugar. Very negative attitude in many places, but the sheer amount of information makes it worth it (in my opinion).


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