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Continuous Learning for Small Businesses


All entrepreneurs are constantly learning on the job. It's hard to keep track of everything that is continuously changing in the business world! Here's a few resources and articles to keep learning about marketing, in our class or after you've graduated!

Web Marketing for Small Businesses Class


Spend dedicated time working on your marketing plan with the help of resources and one-on-one consulting!

See more information on our About page!


Free! Limited space available!

Tuesdays 6-8 pm for 8 weeks

Contact Us to Sign Up for the upcoming class!

Adam Gibbons



Karen "Cookie" Sheers' Computer Class

Cookie teaches everyone from beginner to advanced in the basics of using a computer. She takes every student through topics from how a computer works, Word, Publisher, attaching documents, to working in Excel.


Tuesday, Wednesday 6-8 pm for 20 weeks

Started July 7

Allows drop-ins for 3 weeks

Blogs to Subscribe to:



Tools for Small Business Owners


Tutorials & Resources for Lots of Stuff

25 Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Know About

Must-have Social Media Tools for Small Businesses


Articles to Read


Mobile is the Expectation


Cheap Ways to Market Your Business


Mistakes Entrepreneurs Should Avoid


Why You Should Run Your Business Like a Non-profit


Visual Marketing - great article


The Network Journal: Black Professionals & Small Business News



Books to Read


There are so many great marketing books! Click here to see a list of 12 that may be applicable for you!





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