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Yelp (this page is a work in progress)


How useful is Yelp for my business?

  • Do a certain number of your customers (current or future) use Yelp to find your business, services, or products?

  • If your answer is yes, then you DEFINITELY want to employ at least a bare bones strategy for managing your business's presence on Yelp.


Basics Checklist

  • Have you claimed your business's Yelp page?

  • Have you assessed (even casually) how important Yelp is to your online presence and/or marketing?

    • What percentage of my customers are influenced by Yelp?  And how strong is that influence?

    • Could I use it to leverage greater awareness of my business and attract new customers?

(answering these questions will help you assign the proper amount of attention and time to your Yelp presence)

  • Have you scheduled a time each day or week to check your business's Yelp page and any comments posted by consumers?

  • Have you determined your basic strategies for using Yelp comments (both good, neutral and nasty) to your benefit?

    • Learn how to easily use Yelp to your advantage, no matter what types of comments are posted


Advanced Uses Checklist




Always learning......

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