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photo of Irvienne Goldson, participant in business owner course

Irvienne Goldson is a Deputy Director at ABCD Health Services in Boston.  ABCD Health Services offers reproductive and sexual health as well as wellness education programs to reach youth and adults in their community who may not use—or trust—conventional sources of care and information. We are community-based, meaning we collaborate with other programs, businesses, and non-traditional partners on educational and wellness events and initiatives.

Irvienne took "Web Marketing for Small Business" in the fall of 2017.

"The Web Marketing course enabled me to learn and apply small business marketing strategies to our public health programs. I was able to step back from what we were doing and identify both quick and long terms strategies to strengthen the marketing of our prevention services and messages for young women in our community.  The course also exposed me to online resources I was not aware of to help support marketing strategies and alternative funding resources for small business."

- Irvienne Goldson

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