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Find-a-Service or Find-a-Product:  Tools that help consumers find your business


Need a plumber?   Need an auto part?   A dj for your daughter's birthday party?

Want to quickly consider several bids from different providers?


List your business with one of the Apps / Websites / Services on the web that help consumers  FIND  and REQUEST your business.  

Powerful, because these Apps / Websites / Services provide both YOU and YOUR CUSTOMERS a tool/platform that gets you to the point of sale quickly.  It also enables consumers to verify their confidence in the process and in your business, because it provides them with all of the abilities to vet/review and CONNECT with businesses right away - moves right past the introductory chit-chat, right past the phone calls, right past the web searches - right to the destination both of you are seeking: Can you do this job for me, how much do you charge, and what's your track record?


Some Examples:

Always learning......

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