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Finding Your Audience Online:  

4-Week Course in Digital & Social Media Marketing for Local Small Business

Course Begins Wednesday Nov 30

Adam Headshot.jpg

4 class meetings: 

Nov 30 (6-8pm on zoom) - Setting Goals

Dec 7 (6-8pm on zoom) - Techniques and Strategies

Dec 14 (6-8pm on zoom) - Finding Your Audience

Dec 21 (6-8pm on zoom) - Planning Your Regimen

4 1-on-1 coaching sessions:  Helping you hone and practice your strategies, establish your regimen

- January 1-on-1 meeting

- February 1-on-1 meeting

- March 1-on-1 meeting

- April 1-on-1 meeting

FREE ENROLLMENT - hosted by Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corp

INSTRUCTOR:  Adam Gibbons, veteran coach in business development and marketing

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