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Content Management


Effective Content

  • Depends on:

    • Your Customers

    • Your Platform

    • Your Goals

    • Your Skills (of your marketing team)

    • Your Brand

  • & Comes through:

    • Trial & Error!


Run every piece of content through the lens of your brand. What are the 3 words that you want everyone to think of when they think of your business? Does this content encourage that brand definition?


Articles about Content Management

15 Habits of Highly Effective Content Marketers

I'm a particular fan of #2 Actively Listen to your customers, #7 Constantly ask: Does This Provide Value?, and #15 Avoid blindly following the latest trends, but they're all great suggestions!


How to Schedule Social Media Content  

Benefits to planning social media, ideas for scheduling, content ratios - this article has everything and is well worth a skim-through at least.  


Editorial Calendar

An example of an editorial calendar with color-coded categories


Infographics to Understand Content Marketing


Create Stunning Images to Share

How to Create Stunning Photos to Share on Social Media

Where to get photos you're legally allowed to use and a few photo-editing tools to make all your photos look great! Also includes the ideal photo sizes for the different platforms.


This article is mostly about templates for planning your social media (which seem a bit overly complex to me). But, near the bottom #6 has the ideal photo sizes for profile pictures for the different platforms, which is super helpful.


Tools to Use to Create Images to Share

  • Canva - I highly recommend Canva to use to create great images. It’s easy to use to create stunning visuals with text. There’s a lot of free options, and even the components that cost money are usually $1 each, and great quality. Try it out!

  • Pic Monkey - I also highly recommend Pic Monkey! It's a great photo editor and all-around photo enhancer. Lots of filters to add! Super easy to use and a ton of tutorials to give you inspiration!

Inspirational Sources

  • Hello Bauldoff, UCreative are my favorites from a quick skim



To be read together! Why to use and why not to use it


Native Advertising


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