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"Forgot my password"

How to use this to gain access to your login sites

For those times when you NEEEED to get into an account (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, your website host, etc

but you simply can't remember the password OR the username or both.

This will only work if you have access to your email account right there with you.  


If you cannot log into your email,

then this method will not help you.

Step 1:  go to the login screen on the website you are trying to log into

For example, let's say you are trying to log into Twitter, and forgot your password or username.

Step 2:  Click on LOGIN, and you'll get something like the image below:

Then you'll get a screen like this that will ask you for some other identifiers associated with your account, such as your email address, username, id, phone number, etc:

Step 3:  Go ahead and enter one of those pieces of info requested, and click Search or Enter or whatever button is on that screen.

The site will take you through a few other screens, but ultimately will tell you one of two things:


- "We have sent you an email with a temporary password.  Go to your email and use that password to login


- "We have sent you a code to your cell phone - use that code on the next screen, et etc"

Step 4:  Go to your email or phone (whichever method you indicated in the process above) and:

a.  read the instructions in the email carefully.

b.  collect the code or password they have sent you  AND/OR click on the link they instruct you to click on, and go back to the website.

Now you should be able to log into the website you are trying to get into.

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