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First Blog Post

Hi All,

Welcome to the Dorchester Small Business Blog, a place to read and talk about running a small business - here in Boston, especially in our small business districts.

We welcome any readers - young, old, inexperienced, experienced, business owners, non-owners, shop owners, entrepreneurs, number crunchers, idea creators, strategists, marketers, bloggers, - anyone interested in small businesses in small districts.

But we will ALWAYS focus on providing insights, tips, resources, and encouragement for small business owners.

Here are some of the topics we'll be covering over the next year, starting today, September 21, 2015:

- setting goals, objectives, tasks - scheduling them - keeping on task - building your team of supporters

- having a website - keeping it useful - keeping it affordable

- building a customer base - growing it big enough - keeping customers coming back

- hiring reliable employees - govt regs -

- loans - how do they really work - finding lenders who are supportive

- schedules - keeping on top of them

- managing finances - best practices -

- social media - what's useful, what isn't - should I bother or not - should I hire someone to do it for me

We'll try to keep each post to one page - keep it focused - always relevant and useful for small business owners - cognizant of the vast variety of businesses out there seeking help - and fun and funny when we can.

Let us know what you think - what you want - what you need - and any tips, resources or insights you thing we should share.

Your thoughts count - especially business owners who are living the life!! So, tell us what lessons you've learned, resources that work for you, tricks that have helped. Or ask us those frustrating or burning questions - those obstacles you are facing. We will try to respond to everyone as best we can.

Hopefully, this blog is one small community of colleagues and peers talking constructively to each other, and together, helping each other grow, learn, and succeed.

Next post, I'll tell you more about me, my co-teachers, and our course for small businesses.

Look forward to your posts and comments,

Adam Gibbons - Small Business Learning Consultant

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